Facial Treatments - Anti-Ageing

N.B all clients must fill in a pre-treatment checklist before treatment is carried out

Source Marine Ritual Treatment - 60mins (£60.00)

This treatment lastingly corrects the hydration level of dehydrated skin, deeply replenishes and restores the skin's velvety-smooth feel and original radiance

Spiruline Boost

Spiruline Boost Detoxifying Facial - 60mins (£65.00)

- Perfect for women from age 25 looking to target the appearance of first wrinkles associated with an urban lifestyle including fatigue, stress, and pollution. The key ingredients of energising spirulina boosted with marine magnesium leave your skin detoxified and smoothed, with refreshed features and a brighter complexion

Hyalu-Procollagen Wrinkle

Hyalu-Procollagen Wrinkle-correcting Treatment - 70mins (£73.00)

- Perfect for those women looking for a visible, intensive anti-ageing facial treatment. This facial works on combining hyaluronic acid & marine pro-collagen using Roller Boosters, for visible effectiveness, from the very first treatment. Instantly, the face looks younger, as if relaxed, and even pronounced wrinkles appear smoothed

Silicium Marin Super-Lift Treatment

Silicium Marin Super Lift Facial - 70mins (£83.00)

- Perfect for women 45 years and over who want to have smoother more radiant skin, filling in deep wrinkles and lifting facial contours and neck. The whole face seems smoother with fewer wrinkles on the frown lines and eye contour, the facial contours and neck are smoothed and lifted. At the heart of its protocol, a highly effective anti-wrinkle massage and a professional double strength mask responsible for erasing wrinkles and restoring the complexion's luminosity. Results are instantly visible

Peeling Marin

Marin Peel Facial Peel Treatment - 45mins (£43.00)

- Perfect for anyone who is seeking a new skin effect that is visible from the first treatment, with acids from Fermented Micronised Marine Algae gives a ‘new skin’ effect in 30mins. With visible results the skin looks smooth, radiant, plumpness is improved, wrinkles and pores are reduced. This treatment is recommended as a course of 3 booked at least 7 days apart and at most 10 days apart for maximum results. Sun protection is essential after Marin Peel Facial Treatment